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Steinbach's Camelot Nutcracker Series
Sir Galahad Nutcracker (ES862), Merlin the Magician Nutcracker (ES610), Queen Guinevere Nutcracker (ES869), Sir Lancelot Nutcracker (ES638) and King Arthur Nutcracker (ES621)

One of Steinbach’s most popular series was The Camelot Nutcracker Series. This Steinbach collection was based on the Arthurian legend, a group of tales developed around the King of the Britons and his knights. The English writer Geoffrey of Monmouth was the first to introduce the character of Merlin into the story in the 1100’s. Since then, the legend has been interpreted in many European countries.

Merlin the Magician Nutcracker (ES610), the first nutcracker in Steinbach’s The Camelot Series, was both introduced and retired in 1991.

The second of this Steinbach series, King Arthur Nutcracker (ES621), was introduced in 1992.

Sir Lancelot Nutcracker (ES638), Sir Galahad Nutcracker (ES862), the knight known for his purity of heart and soul, and Queen Guinevere Nutcracker (ES869), the object of their affections, completed the Steinbach Camelot Nutcracker Series.

In 2009 Steinbach began a new nutcracker series, Junior Camelot Nutcrackers. The first Junior nutcracker to be introduced was Merlin, an exclusive limited edition piece of 5,000. In 2010 King Arthur also an exclusive limited edition piece of 5,000 was released. Please click here to view the Junior Camelot nutcracker series.