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Creation Process
Czar Treasures

Many meticulous steps are taken during the creation of these designs. The process begins with the selection and drying of the wood which can take 2 to 4 years. All wood is naturally dried in the open air. Any flawed or discolored pieces are discarded. The wood is then given to a master carver who transforms the wood block into a nutcracker, Santa or other Christmas character.

The finished carving is then given to skilled artists who bring the character to life with beautiful application of paint. The artists work with transparent water color that is applied layer upon layer to achieve depth and detail. The application of color is a very slow process as the paint must have time to dry before another layer can be added. It takes an extremely gifted artist to paint with such precision and delicacy that results  in a sheerness that allows the natural  wood grain to show through.

The final touch is a complex blend of waxes applied over the color to protect the painting.