KSA-Santa's World Nutcrackers

Hollywood Nutcrackers is a collection of whimsical nutcrackers
that are designed by renowned artist Holly Adler, who designs exclusively for Kurt Adler.
The unique designs of the Hollywood Nutcrackers transform nutcrackers into whimsical treasures by giving traditional designs
a special twist. These nutcrackers pop with style, color and sparkle. 

The collection features an assortment of characters including
Christmas, Fantasy and everyday nutcrackers.
NEW 2019 Nutcrackers   Red & White Nutcrackers
12 Days of Christmas Nutcrackers Holiday Nutcrackers Santa Nutcrackers
Angel Nutcrackers International Nutcrackers Silver & Gold Nutcrackers
Animal Nutcrackers King and Soldier Nutcrackers Slim Nutcrackers
Ballet Nutcrackers Licensed Nutcrackers Snowmen Nutcrackers
Blue and White Nutcrackers Light-Up Nutcrackers Sports Nutcrackers
Candle Holders Natural Nutcrackers Stacked Nutcrackers
Checkerboard Nutcrackers Nautical Nutcrackers Sweet & Savory Nutcrackers
Christmas Nutcrackers Nutcracker Suite Nutcrackers Three Kings Nutcrackers
Chubby Nutcrackers Ornaments Traditional Nutcrackers
Display Nutcrackers Pet Nutcrackers Vineyard Nutcrackers
Everyday Nutcrackers Patriotic Nutcrackers Whimsical Nutcrackers